Onward, ho!

For the first time in 5 months, I didn't see a loss. I did, however, maintain my weight exactly. I'll take it! I'm determined to not let this deter me. Negativity and dwelling on it won't help me. :)

A couple of things I want to focus on:

- Not getting too comfortable...even though I have learned that I can lose by eating yummy foods (Raising Cane's, pizza), I need to limit those kinds of meals, and incorporate more veggies & protein.
- Drinking more water...this is a struggle for me sometimes, but can do it if I want to.

In March, there's going to be a new endeavor...learning to ride a bike.
No, I don't know how to ride one. But determination is my middle name! I want to learn! It looks so fun!
After going today to look at them, I think I found the one I want:

Townie 21D

My brother in law Chris took these shots while we were walking on Friday. That long path ahead of me symbolizes the journey that I have ahead of me...long, but definitely not to steep to climb.


Hollie-Marie said...

You can do it! (a la learn to ride a bike)
And I am with you on the water thing for sure .. I have gotten out of the habit myself.
Other things (such as tasty tasty Starbucks) is so much more inviting to the pallet, but a downfall for (most) all other things.
Keep up the great work Dollface!

greenpalm said...

May I share a water trick? I leave a small glass on my bathroom counter. During the day, I drink a full glass of water every time I go. (it's not a huge glass, it probably holds a cup) If you work in an office, maybe there is a place in the ladies room to keep it, or, keep it on your desk and take it with you to fill it up each time. I just drink the whole thing down before I get back to work. That was a trick my midwife taught me when I was pregnant, and was perpetually mildly dehydrated. Even THEN, I was dehydrated, but I was doing all I could. It works much better most of the time! Julie

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