Take It Easy

Not only is this the title of one of my favorite songs I listened to growing up...but it's been my motto since my last post in April.

Yes, I said April...and it's August. A whopping 3.5 months since my last post.

On my last post, I had hit the 70 pound mark for my loss. I'm currently at 84.

Would I like to be further along? Sure. Could I be further along? Absolutely.

My daily caloric intake is 1200...sort of difficult to stay within, but doable. I'm just not doing it consistently. I've let me hair down and am not in hurry to reach my goal weight...if it's going to be a lifestyle change, what's the rush?

Granted, if I didn't cheat much on the weekends, I would be seeing more results...but can I be honest here? Is this a safe place?

I'm happy with how I look. For the first time in over a decade, I am proud of my appearance. I am tickled that I get called "skinny" when people see me, or when they do a double take because they don't recognize me. No longer do I cringe when I look in the mirror, or try on new clothes.

Do I want to achieve my goal weight? You betcha. Will I? That's a big fat yes. (no pun intended)
I don't have a deadline set though. As long as I'm moving in the right direction, I'm going to enjoy the ride.