Stay Focused

This past weekend, I reached the big 7-0! I'm so thrilled to have reached this point! I give full credit to Jesus for giving me the strength & willpower to push forward!

Over the past 7 months, I have learned what behaviors help me, and which ones hurt me. Ultimately, it comes down to changing my mentality. Regardless of what method of weight loss you choose, it's going to require changing the way you view food. You will find countless stories of people who lose large amounts of weight, but ended up gaining it back, if not more. This applies whether it was done naturally or with assistance (pills, plans, surgery). To maintain weightloss, the mentality has to remain focused on what brought you there. Two common things that can lead to undoing your weightloss can be:
  • Overeating - Even though you feel satisfied, you continue eating to feel that wonderful FULL feeling. This could also consist of eating when you're bored or upset. If you're not hungry, you are overeating.
  • Becoming Comfortable - Maintaining weight is a whole new challenge. People will start making compromises when they sit down to meals. What they had stopped doing before will make its way back in their routines...(soda, appetizers, desserts, bad choices) Also, this could entail someone not feeling the need to exercise anymore since they reached their goal.
*Disclaimer: Rewarding yourself in moderation does not apply to the above! There is a big difference between rewarding yourself and binging/giving up.
One way that I plan on remaining focused after I reach my destination is to not stray too far from my current style of eating. There's nothing unpleasant with the method that I have chosen, and I can still apply it moving forward. That's what I love about counting calories and's free, enjoyable and easy to do!
Also, trying new recipes and meals is vital to make sure my tastebuds don't get bored. That will also apply for my exercise plans. There are so many options for keeping active these days that none of us have an excuse to sit at home!

Here's to a successful spring!