Oh Cupid...

Is it just me, or are most holidays centered around food?
The 2 most obvious ones are Thanksgiving & Christmas, with pies, cookies, and big meals.
Halloween makes our teeth hurt with bags of candy...even after we grow up.
Easter is celebrated with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow birds...or the glorious egg gum that I love. (adorable lil egg crates!)
And then there is Valentine's Day.
Ah, yes. The day that chocolate is consumed in terrifying amounts & diets are nowhere to be found. I indulged a little and split a cupcake with my hubby. It was very, very tasty! :)

I wanted to share some smart sweet treats that you can enjoy on regular days that you can't afford to waste precious calories on a piece of candy.

These are a great replacement for you coconut lovers out there! It's only 160 calories for 3 pieces! (one satisfies my sweet tooth!)   Don't let the "suger free" part scare you off. They are delish!

Caramel is addictive, isn't it? For 28 calories a piece, you can savor the rich flavor of gooey goodness. No guilt, I promise. 

Happy Valentine's Day friends! Make small steps for big results! xo 


Alana Jo said...

Great tips. Vday passed with only one tiny laffy taffy consumed here. :)

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