Clean Slate

Now that the holidays have come and gone, let's reflect.
I'm sure everyone ate mostly veggies and fruit, only water, no desserts and worked out everyday. Right? Hello?

Not even the most self-controlled person could resist treating themselves to some christmas cookies, or pouring an extra spoonful of gravy on their mashed potatoes. If anything, this is the time of the year you can allow yourself to take it easy for a couple of days and enjoy the treats the holiday has to offer. 

My indulgence was mainly candy and cookies. My brother had these crazy-good chocolate covered red velvet cakeballs. That's a mouthful! And I had a mouthful! LOL   :)

Unfortunately, the next day I had a cold. I made myself stay on the couch and rest. The menu was soup and crackers. Not that I could taste anything. *sidenote - isn't that the absolute worst part of having a cold?!

I could hardly wait to get back to walking and eating right. So much in fact, that my shins are tender from me overdoing it a little. 

2012 is your clean slate. Wipe away everything that has dragged you down, held you back...and move forward. Don't wait another day, another moment. Life is too short to hold back from what you CAN be. It is within all of us.

Give it all you've got.

Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more. ~ Edward H. Harriman


35 pounds down...

This week, my focus will be on cutting down on sweets & pastas. I never nix them completely, but can definitely stand to lower my consumption of them. Why do us women love carbs so much? :)
What is your goal for this week? Strive for progress...not perfection. xo

- Gina Ree


I lost sight of myself for a long time. Beneath the extra weight I put on, and the lack of caring about what I looked like, I changed. I didn't look in the mirror hardly at all. Subconsciously, it repelled me to see the state I was in. My body was nothing like it used to be. Of course I wanted to change it...but had no drive physically. Anytime I contemplated beginning the change, I would sabotage myself...whether it be with overeating, or no activity, I was doomed. Feeling buried and helpless, I didn't try.
Many overweight women are adamant about loving yourself the way you are, despite of size. "Big is beautiful" is their mantra. Though I agree that it is important to not hate your body, it's perfectly fine to want to change for the better. My size is something that effected me in an extremely negative way. Accepting something that is not healthy for me and doesn't make me happy isn't beneficial whatsoever.
We've just passed the 3 month mark, and there is no stopping me now. 34.8 pounds down...and my view on myself has changed tremendously. 

More confidence. My insecurities before overrode my desire to be who I really am. I now feel like who I was before...outgoing and friendly, not shy and withdrawn. Also, I feel like I'm truly attractive again. I can't stop flirting with my hubby. :)

More comfortable. Physically, my size hindered my comfort level. Sitting certain ways bothered me. I was winded if I had to walk too fast or go upstairs. Even sleeping was getting to a point where I was feeling the difference. Now I realize how good being a better, normal size is. There's a reason why our bodies were made to be a healthy weight.

More clarity. My mind feels so clear and vivid now. I'm sure the exercise has alot to do with that, but I'm so aware of everything around me now. My focus is not food, or my flaws. I'm happy with who I am, and am savoring food and flavor, versus devouring it without thinking.

I have found me again. 

A Day in the Life

Many people have asked me what kind of meals I eat, so I thought I would make a post to show ya!


I've always been a cereal lover. Recently, we ransacked the cereal aisles to find a tasty morning treat with not many calories. Surprisingly, many of the "healthy" ones were packed full with calories, sugar, and fat. Here are a few of my faves that will help keep you inside the lines:
Special K - Original or Protein Plus (1 cup)
I usually choose skim milk at work, or 1/2 percent at home (pint)
This usually keeps me satisfied until lunchtime, due to the amount of protein in it.


Usually, lunch for me doesn't exceed 400 calories. There's a sandwich that my hubby introduced that I really love!
Subway's Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (6 inch) - 330 calories
This is including my preferred toppings, which is American Cheese and Black Olives only
(please see to calculate your specific toppings)


Eating at home saves us tons of calories usually. On the way home from work, we'll stop by the grocery store & pickup a rotisserie chicken (cooked). There are so many recipes that you can make from this that our healthy, quick, and simple.
The most simple route for us would be serve the desired amount of chicken with a veggie, such as squash, broccoli, or corn. We would also include a side of lowfast cottage cheese.
Another way to serve it is use it to make White Chicken Chili or Chicken Tacos/Enchiladas. (previously posted recipe for Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas!)